Reena Patel

Branding, Website
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Dr. Reena Patel’s integrative approach to medicine consists of giving ample time for patients to share their lives with her because she believes the patient-doctor partnership is an essential element to the healing process. Her office is a tranquil setting where she can listen to her patients and help lead them to a life of optimum health and happiness.



When it came to her logo and branding, Dr. Patel wished to emphasize the luxurious, spa-like atmosphere of her practice. She suggested a variety of elements that she liked, including a lotus flower, peacock and the color purple.

The Website


Dr. Patel approached eyeseethree to create an online home for her unique medical practice. The website needed to showcase her office’s calm environment and emphasis on the patient-doctor relationship.

Her new website is built on the WordPress content management system, using modern code and fun animation techniques. Its clean aesthetic, video backgrounds, parallax scroll effects, and responsive layout give her practice a modern and attractive image to prospective patients.

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