Memoryze is a game all about memorization. Swipe up, down, left, right; how many can you remember before your brain gives out? Created by our internal game development team, Donut Horse, Memoryze is now available for iOS and Android devices.

The game features five distinct game modes, each one harder than the last. Repeating a sequence in the same order as it’s given is relatively simple. Have you tried doing it backwards? What if it changes every time as it grows longer and longer? Memoryze is sure to keep any genius on their toes.

You aren’t left alone to just your memory, don’t worry. Memoryze features five different power-ups to help you out when your brain starts to hiccup. Need the sequence repeated one more time? There’s a power-up for that. Maybe you’re having trouble on that ninth swipe. There’s a power-up for that too.

Each game mode has its own leaderboard, and you can compete against your friends using Facebook Connect, or the entire world. Compete for bragging rights to determine who reigns supreme in mental fortitude.