Finding Samuel Lowe

Branding, Print, Website
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Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China documents three successful black siblings from Harlem discovering their heritage while searching for clues about their long-lost grandfather, Samuel Lowe. Their emotional journey spans from Toronto to Jamaica to China, finally reuniting them with hundreds of Chinese relatives they never imagined existed.

For Executive Producer Paula Williams Madison the documentary is more than just an independent film, it is the story of how she and her brothers found their long-lost family. As such, we knew we had a big responsibility when she asked us to create the film’s official website and promotional materials.



Finding Samuel Lowe is the personal story of one woman’s journey to find her family, and we wanted the logo to compliment the familial story.  We commissioned a calligraphy artist to paint the Lowe family’s Chinese symbol, and then fashioned the film’s logo around it.

The logo was used in various formats on numerous print and digital marketing materials. Beyond the logo design eyeseethree assisted with creating the film’s press and publicity materials, posters and trailer.


We designed and developed a custom PHP website with a responsive layout, full-screen background images, a collapsible side menu, full-screen gallery, and a full-screen video player. The website is designed to take full advantage of a visitor’s browser window, whether that be on a large screen monitor or a small mobile device.